Herr Bommel und sein Grammorphun

I created a synopsis to a children’s book story that I wrote, „Mister Bobble and his Gramorphoon“. The synopsis contains the whole story with some finished pictures and many sketches. I created it to show it to some publishers and to find a good publishing house, that is interested in my children’s book. But now, since I’ve collected some helpful feedback from publishers and colleagues, 

I concluded, that I want to rework the story a little bit, and sadly, the illustration style seemsto be too digital for the most publishing houses. I like the illustrations anyway and I think, that the synopsis is a nice piece of work, from an illustrators point of view. This might be Mister Bobble’s first big step on his long journey of finding his home in a suitable publishing house, and to me it was an important step on my way to make a great children’s book.

In the meantime, the illustrations won a „runners up“ award at „Creative Quarterly – the journal of art and design“ (New York), and some of them will be posted on their online gallery!

Summery of “Mister Bobble and his Gramorphoon”:

Mister Bobble moved into the old villa of his late fantastic grandaunt Bibi. He wanted to throw a big garden party, for which his beloved grandaunt was famous for, to find new friends in his new hometown. But he was very shy and he didn’t know how to invite all ­these people – would anybody come? He found an old gramophone at the garret. When he tried to move the crank to play music, there was a big surprise: the gramophone sucked up all objects around. When puzzled Mister Bobble moved the crank the other ­direction, the ­gramophone spat out a huge, fancy guy, that was built up of all objects, that the gramophone had sucked before. Mister Bobble called his new friend „Gramorphoon“.

When Mister Bobble and his new attraction went to the center to invite everybody to his garden party, the people were very delighted about their extra­ordinary new neighbours at first. But then, one after the other found out, that there was a ­missed item in the Gramorphoon. While giving back the items, Mister Bobble helped everybody with any ­problems. Soon almost all items were given back and the Gramophone had shrunken to a weak little creature.
Mister Bobble, who didn’t even had the time to invite anybody while helping them, was now as ­unconfident as before. He and his shrunken friend went back home very sadly. There would be no guests at the garden party.


Little Frida, who got some help from Mister Bobble with her telescope, saw him through her spy glass when he was sitting alone in his decorated garden and he cried. Promptly she drummed all people of the little town, and they decided to visit their new neighbour to find out, what’s wrong with him and if they could help him. Everybody took something nice with him or her, for the case that it could help the poor crying man.

When the whole little town appeared in front of Mister Bobbles garden fence and little Frida asked him, why he was so sad and if they could help him, he answered, that it's not him who needs help, but his weak little friend, the Gramorphoon.
All the people went into Mister Bobbles garden, and when they saw the weak little creature, they knew what to do: they built him up again with all the items, they brought with them. When they had finished, the ­Gramorphoon was even bigger, ­brighter and more beautiful than before.
So they reveled all night and finally, ­Mister ­Bobble found new friends in his new ­hometown. From this day, he threw a big ­garden party every summer, like his beloved grandaunt Bibi traditionally did.