STIB-MIVB Christmas Campaign

Hand lettering illustration as a  Christmas campaign key visual for Brussels' public transport system

Client: STIB-MIVB (Brussels)

Art Direction: Yana Gestels, Philippe De Keusters (Mortierbrigade, Belgium)

Producer: Tujen Pham (Mortierbrigade, Belgium)

Illustration Agency: Art Associates Amsterdam

Based on a text and sketch by the ad agency I was comissioned to create a hand lettering illustration for the christmas campaign of Brussels' public transport system (STIB-MIVB). They wanted some little jokes included, the readability of the lettering was very important, as well as to create a simple but bold color concept. They commissioned me for a long text and a short text version, both flemish and french.

This key visual was used for posters, banners, inside of busses, trams and metro, ticket counters, at any stations in Brussles, online on their website, and a bilingual version for a christmas cards.

Illubelle, Julia Kerschbaumer, STIB-MIVB Christmas Campaign

Several versions: flemish short text, french long and short text, bilingual

In use: